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We are here to empower women.

Open to all

Lugiami Guild was created to support and encourage gamers, establish an environment to improve your skills, and empower women in gaming. There are no special requirements to join – we welcome all genders! Entry fee is 3 USD and you get access to exclusive Lugiami Guild Tournaments with cash prizes and affiliation programmes. If you register before July 21, you are automatically drawn to participate in MASSIVE giveaways with A LOT of prizes such as PS5, Nintendo Switch, and much more! Join us today and participate in this journey.

Connecting Female Gamers and Allies

Lugiami Guild is an empowering esports community that gives back to fans of esports by providing opportunities and resources for female gamers. By connecting both gamers, our allies, and partners together, we aim to empower the gaming community to join forces to break down walls, stereotypes, and boundaries together. 

Supporting through Incentives

We firmly believe in fulfilling our vision of providing more resources and opportunities for female gamers.

For a low fee, Guild members get access to mental health workshops, webinars, exclusive tournaments, meet-and-greets, perks, and opportunities to grow! Through #Lugiamiforyou (our dedicated mental health programme), #LugiamiLifestyle (lifestyle perks), and more, we aim to serve the esports community in a cohesive and healthy way. 

Empowering the wellbeing

We want to empower all Guild members by creating a full community platform that has all the best resources at their disposal to further improve in the game, or to even feel more motivated to game together with fellow community members. With opportunities to learn from the best, and from each other, our goal is to empower and uplift a community together.

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